Facilities for Life Members

Club Sections - you are automatically a member of the Life Members Section and are entitled tomembership of all Club Section at Force Level currently there are over forty.

Membership Services

Lottery - a key role of this service is administration of the Club Lottery which is drawn every month. In retirement you can remain in, join or take out additional shares in the Club Lottery with the subscription being deducted from pension.

Special Offers - you can benefit in terms of added value and or cost savings negotiated for the whole Club Membership.

Trips and Events – Life Members are NOT members of the Area Clubs as these are financed directly from the subscriptions of serving members. Many of the current trips and events are arranged by Area Clubs who have varying policies on Life Member participation, generally there isa higher scale of contribution for retirees and other restrictions can apply.

Experience indicates that the longer members have been retired their involvement with Area Clubs becomes more distant. Generally the circulation is via the internal communication system and Life Members tend to find out from those still serving, but given the turnover of personnel this contact, in the majority of instances, falls off with time.

An expanding area of the membership services role will be to arrange Events & Trips on a South Yorkshire basis with circulation to serving and retired members alike.

Car Hire – The 8 seater Hyundai I800 is based at Niagara. All you pay is a small administration fee and the cost of the fuel. To book ring Niagara Reception on 0114 296 4946.

The majority of retirees are members of the National Association of Retired Police Officers. Whilst a national body it is based on local geographical areas known as Branches and South Yorkshire has four Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield. These Branches share a comprehensive website at: www.narposouthyorkshire.co.uk which is well worth a visit.