Life Members

 On retirement from the South Yorkshire Police, as a police officer or member of police staff, on pension after completing the required period of service or as the result of injury or illness you automatically become a Life Member of the Club and a Member of the Life Members Section without the payment of any further subscription; provided you were a contributing member of the SYP Sports & Social Club whilst serving.  

The Chief Executive Officer of the Sports Club will write to you sending a Life Membership Card. 

You are automatically a Member of the registered Clubs, currently Niagara Conference & Leisure, Sheffield and Club 39, Doncaster. Your spouse or partner is automatically an Associate Member of the parent Sports & Social Club, Niagara Conference & Leisure and Club 39. On application at either venue your spouse/partner will be issued with their own membership card for that venue enabling admission and use the facilities when not accompanied by you.   

Life Members are valued by the Club for their contribution over many years which have been fundamental to the Club's development from humble beginnings in the 1920’s.

Since the year 2000 the profile of Life Members has been raised within the Club as the number of retirees has steadily increased, currently there are five Life Members on the Board of Directors.